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New tutor registration for the tutors on Home Tuition Master always available on Home tuition Master Portal. Tutors who interested to start their educational business on Home Tuition Master to become one of our professional tutor in Malaysia, please fill in the form below.

  • School teachers, tutors from tuition center, University students or part-time tutors that have teaching experiences and tracking records are always welcome to register with us.

Tutors advised to fill in the full details on this Tutor registration form with more clarification for your teaching skills and track records on the “Remark” field that enable Home Tuition Master to have enough data to match your qualification with client’s requirements.

  • Your personal data only will provide to our prospective clients as necessary and it will not transfer to others parties.
  • Your personal data will provide to the prospective clients for their references to make the decision on hiring you as their home tutor.
  • We promise your personal data will be kept secure.
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The commission for Home Tuition Master

  • Every case successfully assigns to tutor from Home Tuition Master, the tutor shall pay Home Tuition Master the amount equal to 50% of their first-month tuition fee.
  • In the event, the client terminates the tuition service before the end of the first month, tutor shall pay to Home Tuition Master the amount equal to 50% of the tuition fee that collected from the client.
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    Check here to indicate that you have read and agree to the [privacy policy], [the commission, early termination and refund terms] and confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate.

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