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  • Parents or students that interested to find home tutor, please call us (017-650 9958) or fill up the form below and submit to us, we will shortlisted the qualified tutors to satisfy your requirements and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Parents or students advised to find home tutor by filling in every fields of this form to enable ours admin clearly understand the student’s details and requirements. This will ensure the admin search for the right tutors that suit to the student’s standard and schedules.
  • After we shortlisted the suitable tutors for the students, the tutor will call you directly for the phone interview, once the tutor’s placement is confirmed, the tutor will get the address of this tuition class held from the students or parents and the tuition class will start on the confirmed date and time.

#The monthly tuition fee calculation

  1. For example: Tuition fee for one hour is RM40
  2. Every week have 2 sections.
  3. Each section is 2 hours.
  4. Total monthly fee will be 16 hours X RM40 = RM640
  5. This fee is pay to the tutor at the last tuition class of every month.
  6. Home Tuition Master is not allow parents or students pay the tuition fee to the tutor in advanced of every month.


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