5 easy steps to hire an experienced home tutor

Follow these 5 easy steps to hire an experienced home tutor and enjoy the professional home tuition service for your children or yourself.

Send your requirements to us

Are you planning to set up a home tuition class for yourself or your children? Whatsapp your requirements to us or fill in the form on the 'Request Tutor' page and submit the form to us.

We will shortlisted a experienced and qualified tutors for you

Ours tutor database growing everyday, categorized from experienced part-time tutors, ex-school teachers, school teachers and professional full time tutors. We will shortlisted the qualified tutor for your children or yourself.

Ours admin will get back to you within 48 hours

We promise to appoint professional tutor to you within 48 hours and the appointed tutor will contact with you soon.

The appointed tutor will confirm the tuition details with you

Tutor will call you to confirm the tuition class schedule, student's details and address.

Students starting enjoy the professional tuition service

Everything is arrange proper, home tuition class starting on time.

About Us

Home Tuition Master is a reliable home tuition agency that introducing experienced tutors to students, their parents and tuition centers on requiring help in academic or curriculum studies. We providing free of charge services (Free for agency fees) to the parties that are looking for tutors in Malaysia and we always acquiring adequate requirements from our clients to search for their tutors.

Why your children need private home tuition?

  •  There have many students lack of confidence to share their academic problems with their parents and shy to ask for the answers from their school teachers. Private home tutors could play a very important role in this case to help the students. Private home tuition creates a private environment for the students to ask questions and get the answer from the tutors. At the same time, the tutor is someone the students could identify with, they will not resist the instruction from their tutors.
  • Private home tuition provides one-to-one teaching and small group home tuition for the students, it’s hard for parents to provide the one-to-one teaching and put all attention to help the students to excel academically. Although, the students could get advice from their teachers at school. Unfortunately, their teachers have to take care of more than 30 other students, she just doesn’t have enough times and attention to provide the one-to-one teaching to their students whom couldn’t keep up. But, home private tutors have the ability to provide students with the one-to-one or small group class teaching to pay full attention to help the students get caught up and motivated.
  • Every student has their own pace for studies. Private home tuition allows tutors to customize the courses and learning formulas for the students, this learning formulas could help the students easily catch up their studies and strengthen the student’s interest in learning.

Tuition Rate

Why the tuition fee is vary?

The calculation of tuition fee is vary depend on the

  • Market Rate
  • Number of students in a small group
  • Tutor’s Experience
  • Tutor’s Qualification
  • The track record of the tutor’s teaching result for their students
  • Normally, full time tutor chargers will be higher compare with part time tutor

Send us the Request Tutor Form to get the exact quotes.

Payment for tutor 

Tuition fee made directly to the tutor every month at the end of the last tuition class . We are not encouraged parents or students to make the payment in advanced of every month to avoid any inconvenient circumstances.

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